devon_headshot_aug2020Hi – I’m Devon.

I am broadly interested in how scientists learn, work, and collaborate. I hope that my musings within these pages provide some insight into the challenges of scientists becoming better teachers, and teachers doing better science.

Check out my resume for all the gory details of my professional experience.

So how did I end up where I am now? …

  1. Like most Canadians, I grew up loving hockey
  2. Hockey allowed me to study at a tremendous college (go Ephs!)
  3. That was where I met my amazing wife (fate?… she and I both wore number 10… )
  4. After graduating from college we started our careers teaching in a few boarding schools. Dr. Burch and her program at Berkshire School remains a huge inspiration in how I envision integrating real science with science education
  5. I wanted to know more about science so I signed up for a Ph.D program, starting with Vaughn Cooper’s lab; while a big part of being drawn to that lab was the cool science on experimental evolution of microbes (here’s my small contribution to that story), I also was interested in learning how a PI can translate research in an educational setting – Vaughn’s EvolvingSTEM program is a tremendous example of the opportunities and benefits of fostering collaborations between researchers and school teachers.
  6. I recently completed my dissertation research with Jeff Foster (here) and Matt MacManes (here). Part of that work required using a suite of exciting DNA sequencing tools which I realized were perfect for the classroom, which I’ve started to experiment with both in high schools and in college courses.
  7. I’m interested in science and education; one tool integrating those themes is this website sharing what I’ve discovered, so here we are.
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