why isn’t my poster just a flatscreen?

In preparing for a poster presentation at Nanopore’s annual conference,  I quickly grew frustrated by the fact that I’ve been spending hours and hours learning to generate dynamic plots with no seamless way to display these to the participants.

Which of these plots do a better job at facilitating meaningful discussion:

The static image, shown below, or by clicking here, interacting with the dynamic image??


I need Apple to invent a 36 inch iPad.

The same thing is true without such fancy interactive plots too. I have lots of data tables I’d like to share with links that are already generated by the programs used to create the output… but there’s no point in taking a screenshot of a data table with 1000 rows.  Instead, I’ll have to just post links like this one through QR codes for now and hope that the format fits the phones of the people at my poster.

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